About Us

Oeatz® is a fresh food brand of GrabnGo Brands, which is a privately-held company headquartered in Norcross Georgia. We make fresh and delicious sandwiches, fruit cups, and salad bowls and and distribute them to  convenience stores.

Our Core Values

  • We have a profoundly deep obsession with customer service. 
  • We stand by the quality of the foods we produce and distribute to convenience stores.
  • We believe all humans are entitled to fresh and healthy foods irrespective of their economic status. Therefore, we sell our products at affordable prices for the masses to enjoy.  
We strive to deliver nothing but freshly prepared foods at affordable prices. This requires preparing high-quality foods that our clients happily serve their customers.

We started this journey in mid-2019 with our signature sandwich – the Turkey and Ham Deluxe. Since then, we have served over 100,000 satisfied customers. We are on track to serve 500 thousand convenience store customers by December of 2021. We believe our success is due to the quality and affordability of our foods.